Watch … a heated discussion between two guests because of magic … and the announcer is forced to end the meeting


Adel Al-Harbi (Echo):

Broadcaster Jamal Al-Moaikil was forced to end his meeting with the legal preacher Ali Al Yassin, and content maker Omar Jubran Al-Ghamdi, after the latter’s denial of the existence of magic and witches.

The discussion erupted between the Yassin family and Al-Ghamdi, after the announcer asked about God Almighty’s saying: “And the magician does not succeed wherever he comes,” as evidence of the existence of magic.

Al-Ghamdi replied to Al-Muaqil that “it is not a scientific evidence,” so that the preacher was immediately excited, confirming that the Qur’an is science and the Sunnah is science.

Al-Ghamdi became agitated after the attack on him, saying: “We do not have the luxury to atone for people who ask or study a certain thing.” The preacher responded by saying: “Our religion is a religion of knowledge.


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