Walid Al-Faraj defends the president of Saudi Al-Ahly after stormy criticism over the “heavy defeat” of Damak


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi journalist Walid Al-Faraj expressed his dissatisfaction with the wave of criticism directed at Al-Ahly’s board of directors, after a “heavy defeat” at the hands of Damak Club (1-3), on Saturday evening, in the 22nd round of the league Saudi (Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup).

Walid Al-Farraj said, in the “League with Walid” program broadcast on the “SBC” sports channel: “There are trends and hashtags that report severe insults to the president of Al-Ahly Club (Abd al-Ilah is a believer),” referring to the hashtags that topped the list of topics most discussed in Saudi Arabia. She attacks “Momena” and demands his departure.

Al-Farraj added: “The question that presents itself is, this is the language that some fans in Al-Ahly Club deal with with the president of Al-Ahly and members of its board of directors. In your belief, there is a son of people, in which a president will come to the Al-Ahly board of directors if the former president is subjected to these abuses.”

Al-Farraj said, “Al-Ahly today was a heavy loss … We are used to that after losing the team, someone must bear it. Oh management, committee, everything except for the players, the player in the case of achievement reaps, and in the case of loss the player is protected.”

Abdul-Ilah Moumina assumed the presidency of the Saudi Al-Ahly Club, succeeding engineer Ahmed Al-Sayegh, in February 2020.

Al-Farraj congratulated Damak club – which is threatened with relegation – by defeating Al-Ahly, saying: “Congratulations for your hugging today that made a cry that he did not lose hope.”

Al-Ahly’s balance stuck at 35 points, in which it ranked fourth in the list of league competitions, while Damak is in the 15th place with 20 points.


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