Wal-Mart pledges to invest $ 350 billion in US products and create 750,000 jobs


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Bentonville, Arkansas, dpa: The giant American supermarket chain Wal-Mart announced plans to invest about $ 350 billion over the next decade in products that are manufactured, grown or assembled in the United States.
The company said in a statement on Friday that it is estimated that this investment will provide more than 750,000 jobs, as well as avoiding an estimated 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions by providing products closer to customers.
“Many companies are turning to manufacturing operations in the United States, and the result is to create more jobs for Americans,” said the company’s chief executive, John Werner.
“Carrying out manufacturing in America is something that matters to our suppliers, businessmen and the environment,” he added. “It matters to our clients – more than 85 percent of whom stated that they would like to carry products manufactured or assembled in the United States, and most importantly, what jobs this investment will create for American communities.”
He continued by saying that this investment will include providing support to small businesses, and diversifying sources of supply and sale within America.
Werner noted that “Wal-Mart” will focus in this investment on six priority categories that include plastics, textiles, and small electrical appliances, as well as the manufacture of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical and medical supplies. In 2013, Wal-Mart pledged to invest $ 250 billion in products that are manufactured, grown or assembled in the United States by 2023.


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