Wal-Mart announces a plan to support the US industry by about $ 350 billion


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Dubai – Bassam Rashid – Forex News Today The American retailer Wal-Mart announced an ambitious plan to support the industrial sector in the United States on Wednesday.

Wal-Mart pledged to spend $ 350 billion on goods manufactured or assembled in the United States over the next ten years, as part of efforts to support the local industry.

The executive director of the company, “John Forner”, stated that this plan will contribute to creating more than 750 thousand jobs in the American labor market.

He added that “Wal-Mart” will focus its spending on plastics, household electrical appliances, food and medical supplies.

He explained that this ambitious plan will also contribute to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide polluting the environment by about 100 million metric tons, within a targeted framework of running Wal-Mart business without any carbon emissions by 2040.

In terms of trading, Wal-Mart’s share decreased by 1.9% to close Wednesday’s session at $ 127.5, and the highest price was at $ 129.9 and the lowest price was $ 127.5.

Haitham Haroun

Haitham Haroun

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