Video .. The closure and fine of a store in Ajman due to crowding – Emirates – News and reports


The local team of crises, disasters and emergencies in Ajman, in coordination with Ajman Police and the Department of Economic Development, closed a shop that had sales, which caused crowding and overcrowding among shoppers, while not taking the necessary measures and measures and receiving more than the capacity of shoppers in the shop.

The shop was fined 5,000 dirhams for violating the directives issued regarding the application of precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” virus.

The Crisis, Disasters and Emergency Team called on shopkeepers in the emirate to adhere to all preventive measures, and to adhere to the decisions issued to confront the pandemic, limit the spread of the epidemic and reduce the number of injuries, stressing that no tolerance was taken in taking firm and strict measures on all violating establishments in this regard, in order to ensure the safety of community members.



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