Video – After news spread about a dispute between him and Hani Shaker, Walid Tawfiq reveals the truth


The Lebanese artist deniedWaleed TawfiqThere is a disagreement between him and the Egyptian artistHani Shaker​.
Walid posted a video on his page on the social networking site, in which he said: “There is no crisis or disagreement with the lover and friend, the great artist Hani Shaker. Secondly, all the story. I was asked in one of the programs about my song I composed for Professor Hani“ How do you forget ”about its success, so I said I succeeded and loved it. People are strong, but I wished and not disagreed. From my brother and friend Hani Shaker, he gives her more time to spread, so that people see more and take their right to spread. This is exactly what happened, no disagreement, no crisis, or anything from all that struck, with respect to all the press sites And all the journalists. “
He continued: “This is the right news. I respect Hani Shaker and wanted to deal with each other, and there will be a second cooperation, God willing.”
Walid congratulated the artist Hani Shaker and the Lebanese singer Carole Samaha for their work together in the songs “Shukran” and “Bakali a lot”
Walid concluded with: “I love you, Hani.”


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