United Nations: Saudi Arabia provided high-quality studies on food waste – Saudi News


A report issued by the United Nations for the year 2021 on food loss and waste praised the quality of the study of food waste and loss in the Kingdom, which placed its study at the forefront of 17 countries that participated in good quality studies, according to the evaluation contained in the UN report.

The report affirmed that the Kingdom is one of three countries in West Asia that have excelled in formulating their data on the issue of food waste at the household level, as the United Nations described it in its report with the same high reliability, because the Kingdom represented by the General Grain Organization (SAGO) based its studies on the analysis of waste composition. .

The report stated that the Kingdom’s study presented in this aspect subjected 21,730 samples of foodstuffs to the consumption stage, across 35 cities and governorates, which gave them distinction and preference among the rest of the participating countries, as the UN report chose to describe a large sample when measuring and evaluating the selected sample under study. Contribute to high-quality, reliable results.

The United Nations report drew attention to the Kingdom’s distinction as one of the two countries that conducted non-household studies of food waste, through a baseline study that the General Grain Corporation (SAGO) worked on, and included a direct and widespread measurement of food loss and waste on a range of geographical locations and stores. Retail.


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