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Distance education faces some challenges, including the inability of students to demonstrate their skills and competencies, especially through the current electronic platforms, which make the student more often a recipient than a participant, in addition to some challenges during the educational process .. These challenges prompted the students Wajih Muhammad Ghazal And Qasim Ahmed Fathallah, who are studying Islamic education at Al Wasl University in Dubai, are to develop the “Microsoft Teams” program to keep pace with the future needs of distance education, whether in times of crisis or in the future that is moving towards smart learning.

Wajih Muhammad Ghazal

Qasim Ahmed Fathallah

The Taliban explained that some teachers and academics found that there are some challenges facing students, such as academic and other technical challenges, in addition to some challenges related to the students’ inability to fully demonstrate their skills and competencies through the distance education process, and from this point of view they decided to invent a developed and modified model. From the “Microsoft Teams” program, by introducing some improvements to it to keep pace with the goal and purpose of the educational process in general, which has become a fundamental pillar in the digital age.

The changes made by the Taliban also included setting a “temporary” setting during the test to alert students to the remaining time so that they do not steal time and end before they solve all the questions, in addition to the automatic delivery of the exam after the time expires, and shutting down the camera in the event that the student does not appear to preserve the privacy of his family At home, turn off the microphone when there is more than one sound at a time to avoid distraction to the rest of the students and to ensure a good learning environment.

The two students said that they conducted an opinion poll with a number of university students in order to identify the most prominent challenges that the program and students face during the distance education process, and then they designed a map for improvement, by identifying the problem, until they reached the launch of an improved version of the “Microsoft Teams” program. »It serves the educational process and leads it to the desired success, and creates a home educational environment full of joy and success.



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