“Two anger” … blocking roads paralyzes Lebanon, and these details (video and photos)


In response to the calls to block roads under the slogan “Two Anger,” the protesters began flocking to the main roads in various regions.

According to the “Lebanon 24” correspondent, the blocked roads within the northern region:
Halba Square
Al-Abda Roundabout
Buffalo Valley
Burj Al Arab
Al-Hurri complained in both directions
Marine road ups
Of beddawi

Al Bahsas

In Aley, traffic was cut off on the Dhour al-Abadieh highway in both directions.

With regard to the roads cut within the Bekaa region:
Qeb Elias Junction
Jdita higher
To the south, the protesters cut off the Jiyeh highway in both directions, and the Barja road was cut off, along with the Naameh highway in both directions.

Traffic was cut off on Jbeil Al-Maslak Al-Gharbi highway, Al-Zouk highway and Jal El-Dib highway in both directions. The Dora highway was also cut short.

The Al-Zouk Al-Bahariya road witnesses traffic jams due to the people flocking to it.

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