Twitter: Voice chat will be launched for iPhone users in December


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Posted in: Wednesday 3 March 2021 – 8:49 AM | Last update: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – 8:49 AM

The American company “Twitter”, the giant of the micro-blogging platforms on the Internet, announced the launch of voice chat rooms for users of the “iOS” operating system (iOS) of the “iPhone” smart phones in the month of December.
The company started opening its “Spaces” voice chat room for Android users. Users of the social platform application on the Android system can join and listen to “Spaces” as well.
The voice chat rooms, made available by the “Twitter” platform, compete with the “Clubhouse” audio room application.
Android users can currently talk and listen to conversations in Spice chat rooms, but they cannot host their own conversations yet.
A spokesman for “Twitter” said that users of the “Android” and “IOS” operating systems will be able to start and listen to “Spaces” chat rooms “soon”.


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