Trump is “angry” and demands the Republican Party stop using his name for fundraising





Former US President Donald Trump.

Politico newspaper reported that former US President Donald Trump called on the Republican Party to stop using his name to collect donations, as he feels anger over his exploitation by Republicans who voted to remove him.

The newspaper said, in a report published on Saturday according to an adviser to Trump, that his attorneys have sent letters to 3 institutions, namely the Republican National Committee, the Republican National Committee for the House elections, and the Republican National Committee for Senate elections, letters demanding to stop using the name and picture of the former president .

The report stated that “Trump is angry that his name is being used by institutions that help Republicans who supported the impeachment process against him.”

Nevertheless, the former president’s advisor told the newspaper that “Trump is still sticking to the Republican Party, but that does not give anyone (whether he is a friend or an enemy) to use his image without permission.”

Trump, who belongs to the Republican Party, was the first US president to face impeachment twice, the first in 2019 and the second in 2021, and he was acquitted both times by the Senate.

Trump, whose term has witnessed many scandals, lost the 2020 presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.

Source: “Politico” + agencies


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