“Trade”: Correcting the status of violators of the anti-concealment system from today until August 23, 2021 – Saudi Arabia News


The Ministry of Commerce and the National Anti-Concealment Program announced the commencement of the regulation to rectify the status of violators of the anti-concealment system, which coincides with the implementation of the new anti-concealment system.

The regulations include a corrective period that continues until: 1/15/1443 AH corresponding to 08/23/2021, during which it is possible to correct the conditions of the violator of the provisions of the system, and benefit from the advantages stipulated in the regulation.

The corrective period provides multiple options for violators of the provisions of the system, whether Saudi or non-Saudi, by exempting those who apply to the Ministry of Commerce to rectify their situation from the penalties prescribed in the system and the consequences thereof, and from paying the income tax retroactively.

A person who was arrested by the ministry for committing a crime or violating the system before submitting a request to rectify his situation, or whoever was referred to the Public Prosecution or the competent court, is not exempt

Violators of the anti-concealment system can rectify their situation in an easy and easy way by submitting the request through the Ministry of Commerce website: mc.gov.sa, and correcting it through multiple options, including: introducing a new regular partner (Saudi or non-Saudi), continuing to work in the facility, or acting The Saudi establishment in the facility by selling it, assigning it or dissolving it, or registering the ownership of the facility in the name of a non-Saudi by agreement between a Saudi and a non-Saudi to transfer the ownership of the facility to a non-Saudi after the latter obtains an investment license. To work in the facility, or to apply for final exit.

The government agencies participating in the National Anti-Concealment Program affirmed their full readiness to support all applicants to request correction to be regular investors in accordance with the options stipulated in the Regulations for Correcting the Status of Violators of the Anti-Concealment Law, and that they do not tolerate the application of the heavy penalties stipulated by the system after the corrective period ends.


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