Total chaos will raise the number of “Corona” cases!


Al-Akhbar wrote:

In the air, the director of the Rafik Hariri Governmental Hospital, Firas Abyad, went away about the high number of Coronavirus infections among young people, and his warnings that the “critical” epidemiological reality requires wearing two masks and strict adherence to social distancing measures. Pictures of overcrowding in ski centers and outdoor hiking spots on social media. The scenes of stampede in establishments selling foodstuffs showed a clear absence of the basic components of preventive measures. If the concerned authorities’ disregard for the rush to buy food is justified by sympathy for the compulsive circumstance and the indulgence imposed by it, but it is not understandable to ignore the overcrowding in parks and chalets, which raises questions about the feasibility of waiting until the 22nd of this month for the start of the fourth and final phase of the alleged gradual conquest. The simplest supervisory measures are absent from curfews and checks of permissions for commercial centers that are permitted to operate. Meanwhile, protest movements spread in various regions, with the accompanying danger of spreading infection and the inability to control the epidemic.

In light of all this, and in light of the slow pace of vaccination (about 76 thousand who received the vaccine until yesterday), much effort will not be required to expect the infection index to rise in the next stage, noting that basically it did not witness a noticeable decrease in the “close proximity”. The positive rate of laboratory examinations remained high throughout that period and exceeded 25%, before witnessing a relative decrease in the past two weeks, without this being significantly reflected in the numbers of deaths and injuries, indicating the large scale of the spread of the epidemic.


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