Tom Hanks: I’m hopelessly addicted to gambling!


Global American actor Tom Hanks, in an article he wrote in the Wall Street Journal, revealed that he wasted most of his last year during the home quarantine period playing solitaire, the mind-numbing card game, and that he had become hopelessly addicted to this game during months of isolation from the world. Outer.

Hanks said, in what he wrote in the newspaper, that he “did not have to force his children to participate in their educational lessons through the” Zoom “application, and he does not have young children to raise them, nor does he have a job that he can perform remotely,” adding that he spent his time playing solitaire, and he regrets That he had no “reason to make any effort”.

He continued, “During the period of lockdown, quarantine and social distancing, solitaire seemed to be harmless, mind-and-hand balms, and a safety valve meant there was something to do. The deck of cards was in front of me on the table, and without thinking my hand was holding the 52-card deck of playing cards.” And mix it up and chop it. ”

However, the famous actor expressed his resentment at the addiction to the game because he has other things to do, from daily chores such as washing dishes and sorting laundry to doing some yoga exercises, reading and communicating with his four children as well as his friends and colleagues at work.

He added that he wished he had spent more time preparing for acting scenes, writing stories and exploring “creative breaks.” While Hanks admits that he spent some time pursuing these goals, he wonders what he could have accomplished had he not been drifting off with card games.

He also wrote in the article that “the Corona epidemic has taught us that life and health are fraught with dangers.”

An indication that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, contracted the Corona epidemic on March 11, 2020 in Australia while filming the movie “Elvis”.


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