Today’s news events The issuance of the verdict in the cases of fraud and defamation against Donia Batma


today’s events – Moroccan actress Donia Batma declared in a press conference with her lawyer Captain Abdellatif Bouachrine yesterday, Sunday February 28, 2021 in a major hotel in Casablanca, her innocence and her sister Ibtisam on the charges of fraud and defamation in the case known as “Hamza Moon Bibi” Due to insufficient evidence, after investigations that continued for several months, the artist, Donia Batma, appeared to be affected as she shed tears, during the talk of the captain, Abdel-Latif Bouachrine, about her sister, Ibtisam Batma.
Bouachrine presented documents stating the innocence of the two sisters from the charge of running the “Hamza Moon Bibi” account or any relationship with it, pointing out that the court did not find any evidence indicating that Donia Batma and Ibtisam Batma were running for the account or that they interfered, through pictures, in the participation provided for Article 129 of the Criminal Code, in hindering the functioning of the automatic processing system, causing disturbance in it and changing its treatment method, broadcasting and distributing through the information systems the statements and pictures of people without their consent, and broadcasting false facts with the intent to harm the private life of persons with the intent to defame them and participate in that, and threaten
But the Moroccan judiciary also ordered the continued restriction of Dunia Batma’s travel until she is investigated on other charges, including participating in entering the system for automatic data processing by fraud, and deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system and causing disturbance in it and changing its treatment method, while her sister Ibtisam continued to be imprisoned. Batmeh is under investigation.
In her first reaction to the verdict of innocence, the Moroccan star avoided talking about the matter directly and was content to publish a message to her fans confirming that there are those trying to piracy her account and target her with the aim of offending her, which prompted her to postpone her Ramadan contest for her followers.
Last month, the investigating judge at the court of first instance decided to arrest Ibtisam Batma, weeks after the arrest of the fashion designer Aisha Ayyash, who made detailed confessions about those involved in the case, and it seems that what she confessed contributed to violently pointing the finger of accusation towards the resemblance of the famous Moroccan artist.


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