This is what is missing Muhammad Ramadan


The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, denied that she presented a religious program in the past, advising artist Mohamed Ramadan.

The well-known media assured her audience of her health after recovering from cancer, and said in an interview with “Al-Fan” website: “I am waiting for the country to open until I do a health review in London with my doctor.”

When asked about the secret of her transition from a religious program to presenting artistic programs, Wahba said: “My shocking response is that I did not present a religious program in my life. Many people used to think that my program“ Before You Are Accountable ”is a religious program because I used to wear the hijab. It was shown on a religious channel, but it was never a religious program, but rather a 100% social program that addresses all our problems in life.

In response to a question about her opinion about the two Kuwaiti media figures May Al-Eidan and Fajr Al-Saeed, Basma Wahba said that she did not know Mai Al-Aidan.

She added, “Fajr Al-Saeed is a professor of course and has a presence and courtesy, and I respect her very much.”

She said that she loves Muhammad Ramadan very much on the human and artistic levels, he is an artist and he has an artistic color that he can walk with and succeed in, but he lacks “a little deliberation before he registers any position or declares any statement, and he does not deserve criticism, but he brings it to himself, he needs a person He helps him not to get himself into trouble because of his shocking statements and reactions. However, he is undoubtedly an artist and has an audience, and I am one of his fans.

Basma Wahba expressed her hope in the dialogue between the two artists Ahlam and Sherine, explaining: “Because until now no one knows their personality, and I assure that if I host them on my program, people will see them again and a second character, because they have beautiful personalities in them that no one knows and no one has seen. These personalities within them are more beautiful than the characters that appear on them, and they appeared during their years of work in art, so Ahlam and Sherine did not understand them, and no one knew how to dialogue with them, with my respect for all the people who interviewed them.


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