This is what came in the secrets of the newspapers


The Republic

Major disagreements prevail between the minister of a vital portfolio and the employees of an official administration and heads of departments due to their attempt to bypass the minister in some decisions.

A spiritual authority received a set of messages that secretly welcomed the content of his latest initiative, despite a series of objectionable public statements.

A diplomatic authority promised to intervene with one of the groups cooperating with it to correct a serious defect in its performance, and the investigation was paused at home.

Major General


Concerned authorities learned last night about the name of the Lebanese figure who incited a high-ranking monetary official, and the direction in which things went!


An information about the intention of one of the operating banks to deduct a percentage tax on the salaries of citizens from the public and private sectors caused a sensation, which soon pushed it to retreat.


Sources talk about influential parties, fueling the activism, and blocking roads in some sensitive areas.

Call home

Judges in their private councils complain about the failure of the discriminatory prosecutions to submit documents required for the conduct of an investigation into a financial case, and they tend to refer to the Judicial Council President Suhail Abboud for not hindering the investigation.

It is rumored that the boundary delineation file may witness qualitative developments in the next few days.

Close to the Governor of the Banque du Liban hinted that, as a French citizen, he may file cases before the French judiciary to prosecute some Lebanese politicians on charges of insulting his reputation and financial standing.

The news

Ambiguous leaks

Confused and inaccurate leaks through non-local media, which appear to be from internal sources and with political backgrounds.

A formal flop and precedent

Official confusion in managing basic vital files takes a different form, this time in a precedent of its kind, after a minister declared the strike.


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