This is the health condition of Stephanie Saliba after her infection with Corona


Follow-up – Khaled El-Deeb:

Today, the artist, Stephanie Salibi, underwent a new examination for the “Covid-19” epidemic to see whether she had recovered from the infection or not, as she is still subject to home isolation.

Sources close to Saliba revealed that the first days of her infection with the epidemic were difficult, as she lost her voice, sense of taste and smell, and suffered severe pain in her body, and despite the difficult health setback, her condition did not necessitate her transfer to the hospital or the need for an oxygen tube.

Stephanie Saliba learned that she was infected with Corona after she underwent the weekly examination of the staff in the series “Downtown”, and is waiting for the result of the new examination today until she returns to complete her scenes in the Ramadan series.

The series is the story of Claude Abu Haidar and the screenplay and dialogue of Mahmoud Idris, and directed by Zuhair Ahmed Kanooa, Falcon Films. The tournament is played by a wide range of Lebanese, Syrian and Arab actors who have never met together in one series, and they are: Stephanie Saliba, Samer Ismail, Youssef Haddad, Carmen Labis, Wissam Saliba, Amal Bouchoucha, Heba Nour, Junaid Zain El Din, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Nour Ali Muhammad Aqeel, Mia Saeed and Elsa Zughaib.

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