This is the aim of Diab’s wave of i’tikaaf | Phalanges


Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a speech he gave yesterday that “if the i’tikaaf helps in forming the government, I am ready to do it even though it contradicts my convictions,” indicating that this could disrupt the entire state and seriously harm the Lebanese.

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab threatened, Saturday, to refrain from performing his duties to pressure politicians to form the new government, which was suspended due to obstacles that President Michel Aoun and his ally Hezbollah put before the efforts of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

Lebanese circles said that the aim of the caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s hinting at i’tikaaf and leaving the country to the unknown is to put pressure on those hindering the formation of the government, pushing them to bypass party accounts and their interests with foreign parties, and to pave the way for exit from the state of political vacuum in the country.

Source: The Londoner Arabs


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