They held hands in a “historic farewell moment” … a new video of the Pope and Sistani


Pope Francis appeared during his visit to the supreme authority in Iraq, in a snapshot described as “historic” while bidding farewell to the supreme Shiite authority in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Al-Sistani’s office broadcast the video, which was highly echoed on social media, when the Pope appeared holding the hand of the Shiite cleric as he was saying goodbye after a meeting that lasted about 45 minutes.

In the closed meeting, which lasted for about an hour, Sistani affirmed his “interest in Christian citizens living like all Iraqis in security and peace,” according to a statement issued by his office after the meeting. The meeting took place in the modest home of Sistani, who has been renting it for decades, and is located in a narrow alleyway in the city of Najaf near the golden-domed shrine of Imam Ali.

The Pope had to walk about 30 meters along an alley to reach it after leaving his car.

And international agencies showed footage of the Pope’s motorcade, as he was moving in Najaf, before he got off it and walked down a narrow road that leads to Sistani’s house.

The media was not allowed to attend the closed meeting, which lasted for about an hour, but the Vatican media took historical pictures of the meeting of the two religious leaders at Sistani’s house.

Source: Agencies


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