These drugs reduce the risk of death with the Corona virus?


Scientists at the University of American Columbia revealed drugs that reduce the risk of death from the Corona virus.
According to the scientific journal “Nature Communications”, scientists confirmed that patients infected with Corona virus and who were taking drugs that lower cholesterol levels, the death rate among them decreased significantly, reaching 50 percent.
The researchers analyzed data from 2,626 coronavirus patients who were hospitalized during the first eighteen weeks of contracting the disease, of whom 648 were people who regularly took statins.
According to the results of the study, 96 people (14.8%) died within 30 days of treatment, compared to 172 patients (26.5%) who did not take statins.
After a group of research conducted by scientists, taking into account demographic differences, comorbidities and other drugs that can affect the outcome of the disease, it was found that statins reduced hospital deaths during the first 30 days of hospitalization by 50 percent.


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