These are the trends of the Saudi labor market in the year 2021


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Employment trends in the world change according to many variables, which differ according to every time and place. There is no doubt that the largest share in the year 2020 was the Corona pandemic, which affected all aspects of life, as many companies resorted to changing their work systems and recruitment methods. But what about 2021? What is the state of the Saudi labor market and what does the recruitment process look like among companies?

The Job Opportunities Index shows the employment trends prevailing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this year, and highlights the perceptions of professionals about the available job opportunities.

The survey focuses on the opinions of professionals regarding the labor market and available jobs, as they appear to be satisfied with the attractiveness of the Saudi labor market compared to other countries (67%). The information technology / internet / e-commerce sector (32%) also emerged as the most attractive sector for talent in Saudi Arabia.

The banking and finance sector topped the list of the most attractive sectors for local talent in the Kingdom (36%). The banking and IT sectors were the most attractive for fresh graduates (31% for both). As for the female competencies, the advertising / marketing / public relations sector (42%) emerged as the most attractive to them.

Labor market trends in Saudi Arabia

The outlook appears promising for job seekers in the Saudi market, as nearly two-thirds of the kingdom’s companies have stated their intention to hire new employees this year.

The survey took into account the likelihood of companies hiring according to each employment sector, to help job seekers understand their opportunities in different sectors, as the oil / gas / petrochemical sectors showed (76%), advertising / marketing / public relations (73%) and engineering / design. (72%) The highest employability potential was in the Middle East and North Africa during the year.

As for the short-term employment prospects, the results are also positive for job seekers, as the advertising / marketing / public relations sector (70%) topped the list of sectors with the highest potential for employment during the next 3 months, followed by the manufacturing sector (64%) and healthcare / services. Medical (57%).

Most in-demand skills and competencies

The majority of companies in Saudi Arabia will provide entry-level jobs, with the demand for junior executive jobs high (47%). As for the specific job roles, the jobs of sales managers (18%), accounting (17%) and marketing managers (13%) emerged as the most important roles that employers are looking for in the Kingdom.

About 4 in 10 employers (39%) stated that they are looking for candidates with managerial skills, 34% are looking for candidates with sales and marketing skills, and 25% said they are looking for candidates with moderate managerial experience.

In terms of academic qualifications, degrees in Business Administration (28%), Engineering (25%) and Commerce (18%) emerged as the most sought-after degrees by employers in the Kingdom.

Employers usually look for technical skills that are determined by the nature of the job, but soft skills are a large part of the recruitment process, as good communication skills emerged in both English and Arabic (71%), ability to work within a team (41%) and leadership skills (40%). ), And good negotiation skills (38%) as the most sought-after skill in Saudi Arabia.


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