“The worst is just around the corner” … Religious reference: This is catastrophic!


The Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, issued a statement saying: “The country is now burning, and the worst is at the gates. The nightmare of the fall of the state is a catastrophic matter. The dollar game has turned Lebanon into a bomb of hunger and streets, and there are those who kill the Lebanese without blinking an eyelid. Paying bank whales to sweep the dollar from the country and transfer the main part to correspondent banks, which means sucking the dollar out of the country and paying it over ten thousand pounds on the basis of “people get used to tomorrow!”Despite this, he added, Riyad Salameh and the whales of banks remain above the law, with the support of the mafia of politics, state feudalism and money wolves.

The country is now on “the edge of the unknown” because of the devastating economic and financial policies of the country’s historic mafia, he added.

He pointed out that “what we are witnessing now is a war of starvation, intimidation, burning, looting, recklessness, suffocation, and killing of an entire people, while corrupt power is an eroded throne and solutions are lacking because national power is a bazaar of merchants without conscience, and there are those who insist on a” victory or break government. “

The statement concluded, “Oh group of political forces, the country is sliding into the unknown, and the burden is very large, and the beginning of the solution is going through forcibly a political rescue government par excellence, away from the game of” break and victory “, and the equation now is: either a political rescue government or the country sliding into the unknown. The country will fly, and this is a catastrophic matter, because if the country flies, authority, public facilities, wealth, security and safety will not remain.


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