The UAE announces a gradual decrease in the number of Corona cases


She explained that this is a positive indicator that was achieved thanks to the state’s efforts to follow up the implementation of all national protocols and precautionary measures and to anticipate the provision of Vaccines For all members of society, according to the Emirates News Agency, “WAM”, on Wednesday.

She said during the press briefing held by the UAE government about developments Corona Virus More than 6 million doses have been provided to date, and the vaccine has been provided to 3 million 614 thousand and 70 people, thus achieving a rate of 46.61% of the target group, and the vaccine has been provided to 61.41% of the elderly group, who are the focus of them in the current period. .

She emphasized that the UAE continues its methodology for examinations aimed at early detection and investigation to limit the spread of the epidemic by conducting intensive examinations for various groups of society, as the total number of examinations exceeded 31 million examinations.

She indicated that the UAE is at the forefront of the countries in the world that conducted tests for the Corona virus relative to the total population, and that the infection rate for the total examinations is among the lowest regionally and globally, which is due to the effectiveness of the measures taken and the application of the best and latest technologies. Medical Examination.

She said that research and development efforts and studies have shown that rapid intervention with laboratory and clinical tests to discover cases is one of the most important factors in the treatment and medical intervention, and that the isolation of positive cases in a timely manner and the quarantine of contacts and their follow-up periodically contributes to breaking the chain Infection And help control the disease.

And it called on all segments of society to go to the nearest health center to diagnose cases that show symptoms and provide health authorities with information on contacts to protect them and others, especially people most vulnerable to disease symptoms and complications.

She stated that early assessment of infected cases and contacts is an important and effective weapon in limiting the spread of the virus, and thus reducing disease complications and reducing deaths.

And confirmed that the infection with simple symptoms such as Heat, cold, or coughEspecially among the elderly and people with chronic diseases, it is one of the clear indications that require a visit to a specialist doctor and not being satisfied with self-health care.


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