The “tabbous” is in the grip of the security forces … transporting drugs from the Bekaa to the north!


The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – the Public Relations Division – issued a statement saying: “In the context of pursuing and arresting wanted persons, and after the availability of information with the special group in the Judicial Police Unit about a person – nicknamed“ the taboo ”- transporting a quantity of drugs from the Bekaa to the north On board a “pickup” vehicle for transporting vegetables.

On 3/14/2021, as a result of follow-up, monitoring and tracking, a special group force ambushed him in the Dahr Al-Baidar region, which resulted in his arrest, and it was found that he was wanted to prosecute the crime of transporting and drug abuse, called:a. P. (Born in 1992, Lebanese).

By inspecting the “pickup”, a quantity of drugs was seized inside it, elaborately hidden behind the driver’s seat, as follows:/1.5/ kg. From marijuana.

/ 2150 / A narcotic pill of the type “Captagon”.

/ 260 / g. From salvia.

A quantity of XTC pills.

War pistol.

The arrested and seized items were handed over to the Regional Drug Control Office in Zahle, in order to fulfill the legal requirement against him, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.


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