The Syrian army: Israeli shelling in the vicinity of Damascus


The Syrian army announced, yesterday evening, Sunday, that Israeli missiles struck areas in southern Damascus, in increasing attacks targeting assets linked to Iran.
The Syrian army stated, in a statement, that the attack came from the Golan Heights, and that it had dropped most of the rockets, in the second attack of its kind in less than a month on the outskirts of the capital.

An Israeli military spokesman declined to comment when asked about this report.

Israel has struck a group of larger than usual targets since the beginning of the year, including a major attack on Iranian strongholds in the far east, near the border with Iraq.

On Friday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told supporters of his party that Israel is taking “almost weekly” measures to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in Syria.

The latest strike came in the wake of an explosion suffered by an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman. Gantz said on Saturday that Iran may be responsible for the explosion. “The location of the ship, which is relatively close to Iran at that time, leads to the belief that the Iranians (are responsible for the explosion),” he added.
Israel has regularly attacked Iranian-linked targets in Syria in recent years, and has stepped up these attacks this year, in a war to curb Iran’s influence.

Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said in December that Israel had struck more than 500 targets during 2020.


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