The situation of the Tunisian artist is very difficult at the present time


“Voice of Beirut International”

The Tunisian singer Latifa has finished filming a song in the Tunisian dialect entitled “Layla Ya Layl” written by Yassin Hamzawy, the melodies and the distribution of Amir Al-Kulsi, who previously collaborated with him in a number of songs, including “Khalini” and “Praise be to God” and her picture in Dubai with director Shadi Sharar. It is scheduled to be released. Within days, on her channel via YouTube.

As for other works, Latifa confirmed to “Voice of Beirut International” that she is preparing a number of Egyptian and Gulf songs, but she has no idea of ​​the date of their release, pending what the circumstances will lead to with the Corona pandemic, as it is not known if the Arab countries will hold festivals and concerts in the summer or No. On the other hand, Latifa says that she is sad about the situation of Tunisian artists because the vaccine has not reached Tunisia yet, which made the Ministry of Culture prohibit the artists from establishing any artistic activity, and this negatively affected the singers, especially the musicians who graduated from the Conservatory and no longer have a source of income, and some of them sold their homes. And others do not limit the price of sustenance for their children, and since I am a member of the Artists Syndicate in Tunisia, I have appealed to the authorities through social media to help the people of art, as they can do as in Egypt and Dubai where parties are held in the open air, taking into account the precautionary measures and social distancing, and according to Latifa, people need art. To get out of the gloomy environment in which you live.


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