The scenes of Omar Khorshid’s “murder” .. Maha Abu Auf reveals a secret


Last update: 2 – March – 2021 3:11 PM

The Egyptian actress, Maha Abu Auf, has opened again the scenes of the death of her late husband, guitarist Omar Khorshid, 40 years ago.

Maha Abu Auf said, during her meeting on the program “Your Excellency,” by the star Isaad Younes, broadcast on the dmc channel, that “her marriage to Omar Khorshid happened suddenly,” stressing that she “lived in complete isolation after his death and that her brother Ezzat Abu Auf was the one who brought her out from This isolation.

She added, “She did not think about the inheritance after the departure of the late artist, and she did not care for that, but she found herself by a court ruling that she obtained part of his property through declaring the inheritance as his last wife.” She denied entering into a struggle to obtain 20 million pounds from Omar Khorshid’s inheritance. .

Maha Abu Auf revealed a secret that happened before the death of her husband, saying that she “did not get a divorce from the late artist, but he intended to separate from her before death missed him.”

The Egyptian actress reiterated that “her late husband Omar Khorshid died not due to a car accident,” noting that “30 cm was cut in his neck,” stressing that “his accident carries ambiguities like the killing of the great artist, Souad Hosni,” according to “Sputnik.”


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