The Rock reveals his emotional side with his “daughter” with the latest appearance … videos and photos


International star Dwayne Johnson, famous for the Rock, continues to reveal his emotional side towards his children and daughters, as he always shares some details that unite them in many situations, which reveal his strong attachment to them in his life.

The world star appears, with one of his daughters, playing some home games in her room, and “The Rock” revealed that his daughters enjoy many times and invent many situations in order not to sleep and stay awake.

The famous Hollywood star appeared in the video clip he posted on his personal account on the Instagram website, sitting on the floor next to his daughter, asking some questions, and soon his daughter answered to continue the conversation, refusing to sleep, while her mother took the video behind her.

The Rock with his daughter
The Rock with his daughter

“When it is time to go to sleep, these children do everything they can to stay up for longer, and this means you have to sit next to them and ask a lot of questions, these quiet moments with my children, I always need them,” Johnson wrote on the post.

Dwayne Johnson plays with his daughter
Dwayne Johnson plays with his daughter

Johnson had posted a picture on his Instagram account several weeks ago, in which he appeared holding his daughter’s hand while they were in the forests to flirt with raising girls, and he wrote: “Every man wants a boy, but every man needs a daughter, I have become surrounded by my girls and they are the biggest thing. In my life, I hope I’m never tired of holding these big dinosaur hands. ”


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