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The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) continues to inspire members of society, especially the future generation, to explore the worlds of knowledge and motivate them to practice reading as a daily rooted habit through the activities of the second week of the “Reading Fund” 2021, which it launched in a digital form this year. Within the program of the week, the audience awaits an enjoyable trip with a workshop entitled “Storytelling with a New Vision” (or: Re-exploring storytelling), through which they explore the art of storytelling and the power of its impact through the immersive book “My Story” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy The President, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai. This workshop provides the participants with a valuable opportunity to interact with the narrative style that His Highness used in narrating key stations in his personal life, and to learn the influential techniques that can be applied in their stories, each in his own style, in addition to realizing the importance of possessing narrative skill in developing the ability to communicate with others and develop Other cognitive, emotional and social skills. A workshop was held yesterday evening through the «TIMES» program, presented by Jamal Karim, a passionate pioneer in the field of youth development, with distinguished experience in public speaking and vocational training.

The audience will have a date tomorrow, Wednesday, with a rich session entitled “Women in Greek and Arab Poetry”, which will be held in cooperation with the Center for Greek and Arab Culture and Literature, which is a non-profit center that aims to open the door to dialogue and discussion through programs aimed at increasing awareness of Greek and Arab literature and poetry, And strengthening the ties and common elements between the Arab and Greek cultures. The session is a poetry evening presented by the center through a dialogue with glittering poets Nujoom Al-Ghanim from the Emirates, Lamia Al-Maqdouf from Tunisia, Aisha Al-Saifi from the Sultanate of Oman, and Lily Mikhailithi from Greece. This dialogue will address the issue of women as creators, and their presence as an inspiring topic in poetry.

Kids and teens also have their share of this week. On Thursday, March 18th, an interesting and informative workshop in Arabic will be waiting for them under the title “Make Your Reading Notebook”. The workshop is presented by “Sheikha Al-Badwawi.”

Writers Union: “Why do we read?”

Within the activities of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union in the month of reading, the Union hosted – the day before yesterday – through the Zoom program, Dr. Mariam Beshk Al-Marashda and Dr. Muhammad Al-Hafiti, to answer the question that the Union chose as the title of its evening: “Why do we read?” Sulaiman. The evening covered the scene in all its positive dimensions and surrounded it.



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