The “promised meeting” between Aoun and Hariri deepens their dispute and extends the governmental crisis


The “promised meeting” between Aoun and Hariri deepens their dispute and extends the governmental crisis

A war of lists between the two parties … and the President-designate: It is not my job to fill out papers from anyone

Tuesday – 10 Shaaban 1442 AH – March 23, 2021 AD Issue No. [

Aoun and Hariri during their meeting yesterday (The National Agency)

Beirut: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

The visit of the Prime Minister designate to form the government, Saad Hariri, to Baabda Palace to meet with Lebanese President Michel Aoun yesterday (Monday), failed to reach an understanding between them to announce the expected government formation, amid an escalation by Hariri, who confirmed that “the designated president is not his job to fill out papers by anyone.” Referring to a paper he said that Aoun sent him on Sunday evening, which includes boxes to fill in with the names of ministers, portfolios, and a reference to name them.
A war of lists erupted after Hariri’s 18th visit to Baabda Palace, when he distributed to journalists a list of government formation that the Presidency had deposited a hundred days ago, to which the Republican Palace responded by distributing a copy of the paper that was sent to Hariri, which he said was surprised by “the words and style of the Prime Minister-designate, In form and substance”.
Hariri met yesterday afternoon with Aoun in Baabda Palace and discussed with him the file of forming the government. After the meeting, Hariri said: “In my last meeting with His Excellency the President, we agreed to meet again on Monday. Unfortunately, however, he sent me yesterday a complete assortment from him, in which he distributed the bags to the sects and parties, with a message telling me that it is advisable to fill it out, ”noting that the paper“ included a third of his political team being suspended, with 18 ministers, 20 or 22 ministers. His Excellency asked me to suggest names for the portfolios according to the sectarian and party distribution that he attended. Hariri emphasized that the paper “is not acceptable because the president-designate is not his job to fill out papers by anyone, nor is the president’s job to form a government,” resorting to a summer residence: “because our constitution clearly says that the designated president forms the government and puts names, and he is discussing his formation with His Excellency the President. ».
He said, “On this basis, I respectfully informed his Excellency that I consider his letter as if it had not been, and I have sent it to him, and I also informed him that I will keep a copy of it for the date.” Al-Hariri pointed out that he told Aoun that “my formation has been in his hands for 100 days, and that I am ready now, as I said publicly, for any proposals and amendments to names and bags, and even with his insistence on the interior, it facilitated a solution for him. Unfortunately, his answer is clear: the blocking third. ”
He continued, “My goal is one, to put an end to the collapse and the suffering of the Lebanese.” And I asked His Excellency the President, to hear the pain of the Lebanese, and to give the country its only and last chance, with a government of specialists to implement reforms and stop the collapse, without disruption or narrow partisan considerations.
He added: “Because His Excellency the President said in his last speech that I only presented him with broad lines, I will distribute to you the full assortment of names and bags that I presented to him here in Baabda on December 9, 2020, that is, more than 100 days ago, and I leave the judgment on them to the public opinion. ».
The Lebanese presidency responded to Hariri, saying that it was “surprised by the words and style of the Prime Minister-designate, in form and substance.” She said in a statement that «the President of the Republic and based on his powers and his eagerness to facilitate and accelerate the formation process, especially in light of the harsh conditions that the country is going through, he sent to the Prime Minister-designate a paper that states only the methodology for forming the government and includes 4 pillars whose followers lead to forming a government by agreement between the President. The Republic and the President-designate ».
She explained that “the first column includes ministries on the basis of 18, 19, or 20 ministers,” while the second column includes “the distribution of ministries into sects, pursuant to the text of Article 95 of the Constitution.” As for the third column, it includes “the reference for naming the minister, after the prime minister-designate disclosed that there are those who nominated his ministers, as originally shown by the formation that the designated president highlighted,” while the fourth column includes a field with names “after the agreement on the doctrine and the reference of the name has been completed.”
The presidency “regretted that the President-designate, excitedly, issued an announcement of a government formation, which he proposed on December 9, 2020, but originally it did not obtain the approval of the President of the Republic in order for the essential elements of composition to be completed.” She said, “The methodological paper is well known by Prime Minister Hariri, and he previously formed two governments on its basis during the era of President Aoun.” Sometimes the name reference does not appear. ”
The presidency said that “the president of the republic is keen to form a government in accordance with the constitution, and every word that was spoken by the prime minister-designate and before him from former heads of government about that the president of the republic does not form but rather issues words that contradict the charter and the constitution and is unacceptable, as his signature to issue the authoring decree is structural It is not an advertisement ». And she stressed that “it is not permissible to turn the government crisis into a crisis of government and order unless there is a prior intention not to form a government for unknown reasons, and we will not speculate about it.”
Hariri’s rejection of the Baabda paper met with support from Sunni leaders, as MP Nihad Machnouk considered that Hariri began yesterday “the march to restore the legitimacy of the premiership with firmness, steadfastness and patience,” while the former minister, Major General Ashraf Rifi, considered that “Prime Minister Hariri’s position is a step in the right direction in facing the coup. On the constitution and on the country ».
The war of responses weighed heavily on the Lebanese street, who noticed an additional crisis, the first indications of which began with the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar on the black market, and the exit of people to the streets in protest to the worsening crisis, which prompted the head of the Secretary General of the Future Movement, Ahmed Hariri, to call on Prime Minister Hariri’s fans in all regions “to move away” About any movements in the street, ”stressing that“ the movement has nothing to do with any calls for it. ”
Hariri’s media office responded to the presidency’s statement, regretting the “inaccuracies” it contained, and said, “Since the appointment of Prime Minister Hariri and the beginning of his meetings with the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, the President of the Republic insisted in every meeting on adhering to his obtaining the blocking third, and this matter has not changed from the beginning until Today, this is what is known to all the Lebanese. He added, “However, it is surprising and unacceptable that the General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic intends to distribute a schedule that has nothing to do with what President Aoun sent to Hariri yesterday (the first), claiming that it was the sent schedule.” He said, “Out of respect for the minds of the Lebanese, we publish the papers as they arrived from the President of the Republic to Prime Minister Hariri,” accompanied by a copy of the papers that were sent to him.
Later, the Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic responded, saying that “the text distributed by the media office of President Saad Hariri dates back to the period of exchanging governmental formulas between the President of the Republic and the President-designate, and not the text that President Aoun sent yesterday, which was distributed previously.”


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