The President of the Forum of African Scholars denounces the allegations of the American report – Saudi Arabia News


The President of the African Scholars Forum, the head of the Islamic Cultural Gathering in Mauritania and West Africa, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hafiz Al-Nahawi, denounced the report that was provided to the US Congress about the murder of citizen Jamal Khashoggi – may God have mercy on him – indicating that the report is nothing but a miserable attempt based on flimsy allegations to target the Kingdom Saudi Arabia is the leadership and the people.

Sheikh Al-Nahawi added that the report published by the CIA did not provide any evidence to prove its false allegations, and it is just a new episode of targeting episodes in which some forces have always tried to impede the security and stability of the peoples of the Islamic nation with arguments and allegations of human rights issues despite their known involvement in known and witnessed crimes. against humanity.

And his eminence added, that the report does not target only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but rather the entire Islamic world, and we in the name of all those affiliated with the Islamic Cultural Community, the Forum of African Scholars and the Africa Foundation for Science and Work from sheikhs, advocates and scholars declare our stand with the Kingdom and its leadership, may God protect them, and we affirm that the security of the country of the Two Holy Mosques is The security of all Muslims in the world, and it is considered for all Muslims, as they were not a red line because of the religious and spiritual symbolism of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the service it does to Islam and Muslims under its wise leadership.

The President of the Forum of African Scholars praised the statements made by the various leaders and international forces in support of the leadership of the Kingdom, as well as what was stated in the statement of the Muslim World League that expressed the opinion of the nation’s scholars and sheikhs, affirming confidence that the Kingdom will prevail over this flimsy targeting as it has triumphed in previous crises and will remain a beacon of knowledge and guidance. And a shelter to which Muslims take refuge from all sides; May God protect the land of the Two Holy Mosques and the countries of all Muslims from the evil of conspiracies and intrigues.


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