The Pope left Iraq after a historic 3-day visit


Pope Francis left Iraq after a historic 3-day visit.

The Pope began his visit in the capital Baghdad, where he organized prayers in the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, a mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, and addressed the Iraqis, during his official reception ceremonies at the Presidential Palace, urging coexistence and peace and rejecting violence and extremism. .

On the second day of his visit, he met the Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, in the city of Najaf, in a meeting, the first of its kind, between the head of the Catholic Church and the Shiite reference in Iraq, and after the Najaf station he visited the ancient city of Ur, residing in it. Interfaith prayer and meeting, in the presence of representatives of various Iraqi religions and beliefs. On the third day, the Pope visited the Iraqi city of Erbil, where he presided over a celebratory mass in which thousands participated, amid health and security measures, and bade farewell to the Iraqis, saying, “Iraq will remain with me and in my heart.”


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