The patriarch is leading a battle for sovereignty … and a “large group” supports him


Nasser Zaidan wrote in “Kuwaiti News”:

The popular gathering that took place last Saturday in Bkerke Square imposed a very important event at this particular time, and was characterized by two surprises that were not taken into account. The first was the intensity of the popular presence from different regions and of different political whims, including a symbolic representation of clerics from the Islamic and Christian sects, and the second was in Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi in his speech addressing precise, detailed and comprehensive topics, from which he poses for the first time, especially his demand for the separation of religion from the state completely, By adopting the national balance as a rule for governance and not relying on foreign-backed power balances that restrict the movement of officials and besiege constitutional institutions.

Participants in the meeting that brought Patriarch Al-Rahi together with the clerics after the completion of his speech, say that the atmosphere suggests a real uprising, and the Bkerke festival is not the same as after it, regardless of the position of the party affected by the meeting and its ability to show a corresponding popular arena. Al-Rahi said: He spoke in a manner that fully expresses the people’s positions, which is a historical responsibility that his predecessors bear, and he cannot be silent when he sees Lebanon in front of a grave danger threatening its demise, and the citizens are on the brink of starvation. The shepherd is known for his keenness to communicate with everyone, and his concern for all parties, inside and outside his Maronite community. He was accused by groups and parties for having rejected the calls that demanded the ouster of President Aoun on the street, and he also practiced advanced spiritual diplomacy in his dealings with the parties of the opposition axis – especially Hezbollah – in a manner different from the position of his late predecessor, Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir in 2005, who supported Publicly the Cedar Revolution and the March 14 forces that demanded sovereignty and independence. Patriarch Al-Rahi did not leave a way but used it to dissuade the parties controlling the state’s decision from their reckless policies, and these are well known. He visited President Michel Aoun at the Republican Palace several times, exceeding all his predecessors’ visits, and he intervened dozens of times, warning of the danger of collapse, then called for the liberation of the state and the dissolution of its families, and demanded active positive neutrality, since Lebanon was based on this neutrality, which is one of the conditions for its survival. And he played the role of political mediator after the extraordinary visit of the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri to Bkerke on 12/17/2020, and he made great efforts to overcome the obstacles to forming the government, but his efforts were unsuccessful, and whoever heard the last sponsor’s speech clearly concludes that the team The president and his allies from the opposition forces are behind obstructing the formation of the government.

These combined factors, in addition to the people’s cry of the woes that they are experiencing as a result of the cessation of their work and the loss of their money in the banks as well as the consequences of the port disaster, prompted the sponsor to take advanced positions that he launched in front of a large crowd that harmonized with him in the same slogans that also focused on liberating the state and holding a conference International to save Lebanon, and find solutions to its great problems, the most important of which is its neutrality, lifting the hegemony of illegal weapons, and ensuring the return of Syrian refugees to their country, and without this international guarantee, they will not naturally return. Al-Rahi knows that he is not alone in this sovereign battle, as a large group of forces and references have declared their support for his positions or part of them, including the President of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt and the head of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea, and President Saad Hariri contacted him for this purpose, in addition to the northern and southern forces and a meeting Sovereignty is headed by former Representative Faris Saeed and the Phalanges Party, and it is known that Bkerke had excellent relations with President Nabih Berri and his TV channel, which broadcasted the speech of Patriarch Al-Rahi directly. The formation of the government, and the sponsor is also supported by Arab and international public opinion and from the Vatican metropolis, and all of them are fed up with the negative behavior of the team controlling the state, which has obstructed all rescue initiatives aimed at helping Lebanon.


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