The oldest love ambassador in Maadi reveals the secrets of Cinderella’s messages to her husband … Video


The late singer Asmahan sang the song “O Bida Al Ward, O Jamal Al Ward, the Messenger of Lovers, Samir Al Mushtaq”. To become the language of flowers, and roses become a messenger for lovers, penetrating all barriers and distances.

In a new report, the lens of the seventh day monitored the story of the oldest ambassador in Maadi, where he reveals to us the secrets of the letters of the late artist Souad Hosni to her husband, and the most beautiful bouquets of roses and the most expensive bouquet.

In the beginning, Abdel Majeed, the owner of the oldest rose shop in Maadi, flowers and roses, is imported from the Netherlands, and the most prominent occasions when the flower is popular is Valentine’s Day, Spring, New Year and Mother’s Day.

Abdel-Majid narrated the details of the letters of the late artist Suad Hosni “Cinderella”, who always sent bouquets of flowers to her husband with the engineers under the signature of “Zuzu”, pointing out that she did not use any other words in all the bouquets of roses that she sent, so she always said, write “Zuzu.” “On all occasions.

Abdel Majid continued, saying that the late artist Faten Hamama, the lady of the screen, was one of his most prominent customers in buying roses, and the late artist Nadia Lotfy.

Abdel-Majid also narrated Tarif’s position to his late brother, Hajj Khaled, who founded the flower shop with the artist Karim Abdel Aziz, who always passed in front of the shop and every time my brother waved to the artist Karim Abdel Aziz in his hand, and one time the artist Karim Abdel Aziz came to him asking him saying Your honor is to consult me. My brother Hajj Khaled answered him with a smile, saying, “Oh, I want to greet you with a bouquet and a beautiful flower like you,” so the artist smiled at him.

Regarding the most expensive price for rose bouquet, Abdel Majeed said: “There are some bouquets of roses that reach ten thousand pounds, where very rare imported flowers are used.”


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