The list of the 10 awards of the Luxor African Film Festival


  Course slogan "10 Years of Imagination" (The New Arab)</p><div><p dir="rtl">It concluded, Wednesday evening, the tenth session of <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Luxor Festival of African Cinema</a> In Egypt, which carried the slogan "10 Years of Imagination", at Luxor Golf Theater.

At the festival’s closing ceremony, prizes were distributed. Moroccan director Ismail al-Iraqi won the award for best fictional film for the film “The Zengat Konka Cut”, but due to the closure of the Moroccan borders, he could not attend, and the award was received by his compatriot, director Yazid Al-Qadiri, who won The jury for the film “Green Ink”. He attended being residing in France.

The “Radwan Al Kashef” award, which is presented by the Young Independent Artists Foundation, won the Egyptian film “for rent” by Islam Bilal, and the film itself also received a certificate of appreciation in the feature film competition.

In the feature-length documentary competition section, the film “With the Current Towards Kinshasa” by Diodo Hammadi from Congo won the Jury Prize, and “Varietra” by Tofuniana Rasu Nafo won the award for best documentary film.

As for the short fictional films competition award, its jury awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Sudanese film “Listen to My Dance”, by director Alia Sir Al-Khatim, and the best short fictional film award for “Goodbye” was won by Lantoni Niti from Ghana.

In the “Diaspora” competition section, the jury awarded a certificate of appreciation to the film “Tello Cotto” by Sophie Bachollier and Valerie Malik, and the jury prize for “Being Brown” by Ines Johnson won the award for best film “Goodbye Love” by director Aqua Masanji.

The International Committee of Critics awarded “Vibersi” its award to the film “It is not a funeral, this is a resurrection”, directed by Limo Hang Jeremy Mezizi from Losotto.

The names of the deceased who supported the festival since its inception were also honored, namely the critic Samir Farid, the critic Farouk Abdel Khaleq, the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and the artist Khaled Saleh. The festival also gave its special appreciation to the late critic and journalist Yusef Sharif Rizkallah, and the tourist expert Muhammad Othman. Of African descent, Jimmy John Lowe is interested in his country’s issues in Haiti.

The ceremony was attended by the honorary president of the festival, artist Mahmoud Hamida, its president, Sayed Fouad, its director Azza al-Husseini, and Khaled Abdul Jalil, advisor to the Minister of Culture for cinema affairs, and the event was presented by Tasnim Rabeh from Sudan and Maryam Ferjani from Tunisia, and the closing ceremony was performed by the Sudanese singer Asia Madani.

It is noteworthy that the opening ceremony was held in the Temple of Karnak, and the Tunisian actress Hind Sabry was honored, the artist Samir Sabry, the director Ali Abdel Khaleq, the artist Mohy Ismail, and the session bore the name of the artist Madiha Yusri, and it was dedicated to each of the late Moroccan film writer Noureddine El-Sayel, and the artists The late Egyptians Mahmoud Yassin and Mahmoud El Meligy.


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