The launch of the world’s first unmanned supersonic combat aerial vehicle


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website, the UCAV is equipped with a low radar cross-section and an infrared signature, and is designed for multiple combat or reconnaissance roles.

The company says it has already received more than 100 pre-orders for the war machine, which costs between $ 9 million and $ 16 million.

The company also says, the Arrow can launch independently or can be remotely controlled by two ground station controllers.

Perhaps what makes this machine so special is that it is the first to travel faster than the speed of sound, which is Mach 1, but the stock can reach Mach 2.1.

Kelley Aerospace plans to be a big player in the supersonic region, and the Arrow UCAV may be the drive it needs to take control, and at a launch event in Singapore in December 2020, the company revealed that it is also developing a supersonic business jet.


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