The last stop of the Pope’s visit … a long day in Iraqi Kurdistan


Pope Francis will arrive in Erbil, on Sunday, at 8:30 am local time, as the Kurdistan region of Iraq will be the last stop on his visit to Mesopotamia.And will be at the forefront of his future, the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, and a large number of government officials, and representatives of political, religious and social forces, and from various components in Iraqi Kurdistan.

To find out the details of the last day of the papal visit, we contacted the media coordinator for the Pope’s visit to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Zain Anwar, and said: “The importance of the visit of the Supreme Pontiff to Erbil, especially in the mass that he will hold in it, being the largest and final ceremonial mass of his tour which he considered a pilgrimage to a country Between the two rivers, where about 10 thousand participants will attend.

He continued: “After his arrival and reception, officially at Erbil International Airport, he will depart by helicopter towards Mosul, to visit some churches destroyed by ISIS terrorists, especially the Al-Tahira Grand Church in Qarqosh, which is the largest church in Iraq, which His Holiness the Pope will visit and bless for the first time. After its destruction by the terrorist organization ISIS, and prayers will be performed in the courtyard of the church in Mosul, and people will be blessed there, and there will be no ceremonial prayer or mass in the city of Mosul. ” The media coordinator for the Pope’s visit to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, at the conclusion of his speech with the “Sky News Arabia” website, thanked the United Arab Emirates by saying: “We are here. We value the role of the UAE in rebuilding and restoring the destroyed churches in Iraq, especially in the Mosul region, which he will visit.” His Holiness, the Pope, inspects her, and we highly appreciate her role and initiatives in supporting peace, coexistence and religious tolerance in Iraq and the region in general.

And he goes on: “The Pope will also visit some other places in Mosul, where there were victims at the hands of ISIS terrorists, where he will pray for the rest of their souls, bless those places, and return to Erbil, where he will visit the beginning of Ankawa district at 2 pm, and he will hold the festive divine mass at 4 pm. The largest in his Iraqi tour, in the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

With the return from Erbil to Baghdad, the Pope’s visit, which extended over a period of 4 bus days, has ended. In Baghdad, the capital from which the Pope started his visit, he organized a prayer at the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, and a mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, and addressed his speech to the Iraqis, during his official reception ceremony in The presidential palace, urging coexistence and peace and the rejection of violence and extremism.

On the second day of his visit, he met the Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, in the city of Najaf, in a meeting that is the first of its kind, between the head of the Catholic Church and the Shiite reference in Iraq, and after the Najaf station he visited the ancient city of Ur, staying in it to pray and meet religions, in the presence of various representatives Iraqi religions and beliefs.

After the Pope’s tour in Najaf and Ur, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, posted a tweet on Twitter, stating: “On the occasion of the historic meeting between the poles of peace and tolerance, His Eminence, the Supreme Leader Ali al-Sistani and His Holiness Pope Francis, and the interfaith meeting in the historic city of Ur, we announce On naming the sixth day of March of every year as a national day for tolerance and coexistence in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the Pope’s visit to Iraq is the first papal visit abroad, since the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic.


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