The Kuwaiti Newspaper Newspaper | “His eyes when they met me” exceed 5 million views


Ramy Sabry’s song “His Eyes When They Meet Me” has crossed the barrier of 5 million views on his official YouTube channel, since it was released on Valentine’s Day. The new song was written by the lyricist Muhammad Atef, composed by Ramy Sabry, the distribution of mixes and Master Jalal Hamdawi, and Karim’s piano. Sabry and photography Imad Qasim.

Singer Ramy Sabry Trend issued the YouTube video site and social networking sites in Egypt and the Arab countries, after she won praises for her melodies and words that made her achieve a number of views in a short time.

It is noteworthy that Sabri was able to double his artistic balance with his successive successes during the last period, especially after he released songs such as “Let me see you Tani”, “Khatrah” and “Shutabna”, in addition to the series “A second chance” during last Ramadan under the name “Gharib Al Hob” and “You Are Not Comfortable” is the series “I shot myself,” which was recently shown.


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