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The International Prize for Arabic Fiction announced the nominated novels for the long list at its 2021 session, whose prize value is 50 thousand US dollars, as the list includes 16 novels issued during the period between July 1, 2019 until the end of August 2020, and were selected from among 121 novels that applied for the award.

Writers from 11 countries, ranging in age from 31 to 75 years, reached the long list of the award at its 14th session. The novels deal with issues related to the reality of the Arab world today, from the suffering of Iraq and the spread of extremist groups, to the status of women in the Arab world. Three novels from the list are directed towards a police space, whose crimes were committed against the background of wars and conflicts in the region. The long-list novels also took place in the spaces of Aden, Amman, Casablanca, Oran and other Arab cities as their arena for their events, and they tell about human relations and the role of literature in enlightenment.

The long list was chosen by a jury consisting of five members, headed by the Lebanese poet and writer Shawqi Bzeih, and the membership of each of Safaa Gibran, professor of Arabic language and modern Arabic literature at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and Mohamed Ait Hanna, a Moroccan writer and translator, who teaches philosophy in The Regional Center for the Professions of Education and Training in Casablanca, Ali Al-Maqri, a Yemeni writer who has twice reached the long list of the award, and Aisha Sultan, an Emirati writer and journalist, is the founder and director of Warrak Publishing House and Vice President of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union.

The following are the titles of novels that made it to the long list of the award: “Notebooks of Warraq” by Jalal Barjas (Jordan), “Qaf Killer, Sin Said” by Abdullah Al Busais (Kuwait), “Boxes of Desire”, Abbas Baydoun (Lebanon), “Bint Degla”. Mohsen Al-Ramli (Iraq), “Fruit for the Crows”, Ahmad Zain (Yemen), “Longing for the Neighbor”, Habib Salmi (Tunisia), “File 42”, Abdel Majid Sebata (Morocco), “Ain Hammurabi”, Abdullatif Ould Abd Allah (Algeria) “Basateen Al-Basrah”, Mansoura Ezz El-Din (Egypt), “A Hole to the Sky”, Abdullah Al Ayyaf (Saudi Arabia), “Coming to Dar Al Akaber”, Amira Ghneim (Tunisia), “Night Birds”, Lakhous Building (Algeria), “Life Butterflies », Youssef Fadel (Morocco),“ Bird Tattoo ”Dunia Mikhail (Iraq),“ Two Green Eyes ”, Hamed Al Nazer (Sudan),“ Jim ”, Sarah Alnemes (Algeria).

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