The International Prize for Arabic Fiction announces its long list for 2021


The secretariat said the prizeSponsored by the “Booker Prize” Foundation in London and funded by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, these works were chosen from among 121 novels that were submitted to win the prize, which is worth 50 thousand dollars.

The list included Novels (Al-Warraq Notebooks) by the Jordanian Jalal Barjas, and (Qaf Killer .. Seen Saeed) by the Kuwaiti Abdullah Al-Busais, and (Boxes of Desire) by the Lebanese Abbas Baydoun, and (Bint Degla) by the Iraqi Mohsen Al-Ramli, and (Fruit for the Crows) by the Yemeni Ahmed Zain, and (Missing the neighbor) of the Tunisian beloved Salmi.

It also included (File 42) by the Moroccan Abd al-Majid Sabata, (Ain Hammurabi) by the Algerian Abd al-Latif Ould Abdullah, (Basateen al-Basra) by the Egyptian Mansoura Ezz al-Din, and (A Hole to Heaven) by the Saudi Abdullah Al Ayyaf, and (Coming to Dar al-Akaber) ) By the Tunisian Amira Ghoneim, and (Bird of the Night) by the Algerian Building Lakhous, and (The Life of the Butterflies) by the Moroccan Youssef Fadel, and (The Bird’s Tattoo) by the Iraqi Dunia Mikhael, and (Einan Khadraawan) by the Sudanese Hamid Al-Nazer, and (Jim) by the Algerian Sarah Al-Nems.

Head commented Judgement comity For this session, the poet Shawki Bzeih from Lebanon said, “We are here about sixteen distinct novels from different parts of the Arab world, whose stylistic and expressive contexts ranged between documentation techniques, letters, social and psychological investigation, and complex police investigation, and he added that the writers took upon themselves the task of uncovering faces.” The disastrous Arab reality.

The award is expected to announce the short list of nominated works on March 29, while the winning novel will be announced on May 25.


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