The International Air Transport Association tests the application of the “passport vaccine”


IATA is testing an application


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will test the application of “passport vaccine” on flights between Singapore and London.

Through this application, information such as a negative corona test result will be stored in addition to a facility to store evidence that the traveler has obtained the Coronavirus vaccine, provided that the application will be tried during the next few weeks with Singapore Airlines on flights between Singapore and London.

IATA is testing an application

Image from “The Daily Mail”

“Very few governments have shown interest in the implementation,” Nick Karen, IATA vice president for passenger freight and security, told BBC Radio 4.

When asked whether passengers in the UK would be able to use paper records as evidence of vaccination or would need to upload digital evidence, he made clear that “it is likely that this will be a combination of the two.”

He added, “With regard to the United Kingdom specifically, there have been discussions regarding digitization, and there is a digital registry with the National Health Service (NHS) of people who have obtained the vaccine, regardless of how they are registered.” The ability to download paper documents as well as digital documents. ”

In terms of data protection, Karen said, “The information on the app will not be kept in a central database and that test and vaccine records will only be found on the individuals’ phone.”

Source: “Daily Mail”


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