The heroine of the “Forbidden Apple” series was arrested on charges of drug use


The Turkish authorities arrested the Turkish actress, Aisha Gul Chenar, on charges of “drug abuse,” according to the Turkish newspaper, Zaman.

Chenar was transferred to the Public Security Office of the Beşiktaş District Police Directorate for questioning.

In the details of the incident, “Zaman” newspaper indicated that the Turkish police received a report yesterday evening about the presence of narcotic substances in Aisha Chenar’s car, and immediately stopped the car in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, and searched it, to seize 20 grams of drugs in the car.

The newspaper reported that according to information obtained from the police, Aisha Chenar said that she doubts the accusation of her ex-lover, Furkan Chalikuoglu, who controversially separated from him last year, claiming that her ex-lover may have put drugs in her car to take revenge on her.

It should be noted that Aisha Gul Chenar became famous in the Arab world through her series “The Forbidden Apple”.


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