The governmental crisis should not be transformed into a ruling crisis


The Presidency of the Republic issued a statement after the President-designate spoke after his meeting with the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.The statement read: “The Presidency of the Republic was surprised by the words and style of the Prime Minister-designate, in form and substance.”

The statement added: “The President of the Republic, based on his powers and his eagerness to facilitate and accelerate the formation process, especially in light of the harsh conditions that the country is going through, sent to the Prime Minister-designate a paper that only states the methodology for forming the government and includes 4 pillars whose followers lead to forming a government by agreement between the President of the Republic.” Designated President. “

In the columns: The first column: Ministries based on 18, 19, or 20 ministers.The second column: the distribution of ministries among the sects, in accordance with the text of Article 95 of the Constitution.

The third column: the reference for naming the minister, after the prime minister-designate disclosed that there were those who named his ministers, as originally shown by the formation that the president-designate highlighted.

Fourth column: Names after completing the agreement on the denomination and the reference for the name.

Baabda’s statement affirmed that “it is regrettable that the President-designate, excitedly, announces a government formation, which he presented on December 9, 2020, but that it did not have the approval of the President of the Republic in order to complete the essential elements of composition.”

He pointed out that “the methodological paper is well known to Prime Minister Hariri, and he had previously formed two governments on the basis of it during the term of President Aoun.” Here is the methodological paper:

He added, “This time, his style differed, as he was satisfied with every visit to the Republican Palace by presenting a government formation in most cases incomplete, and in all cases the reference of the name did not appear.”

He stressed, “The President of the Republic is keen to form a government in accordance with the constitution, and every word that was spoken by the prime minister-designate and before him by the former heads of government about that the president of the republic does not form but rather issues words that contradict the charter and the constitution and it is unacceptable, because his signature for the issuance of the authoring decree is constructive and not an advertising crisis.” “It is not permissible to turn it into a government and order crisis unless there is a prior intention not to form a government for unknown reasons, and we will not speculate about it.”


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