The Girl on the Train .. Thriller and art – stars and celebrities gone out of the way


The novel “The Train Girl” by the British writer Paula Hawkins is remarkable for being self-exciting, as it was formulated in a wonderful narrative style that is able to attract readers to her. What is justified is what the novel achieved in terms of high sales in 2015 and 2016, according to what the British Library announced at the time. The narrative of the novel and the robustness of its plot were a reason for her to enter the film industry.

It had many treatments, most notably the version that appeared in 2016 under the title (The Girl on the Train) and bore the signature of director Tate Teller, starring Emily Blunt, in addition to this version that came in Hindi mixed with English, starring actress Barnetti Chopra. .

The story of the movie (The Girl on the Train) revolves around “Mira”, who used to travel daily on the train between British regions, and witnesses during her daily trip the home she used to live in before her divorce from “Shekhar”, because of her alcoholism. “Before losing her memory as a result of an accident, she was a successful lawyer, and with her frequent trips, she used to watch the house.

Noticing the quality of the relationship that «Ananda» has with his wife «Nasrat», before she falls into the window of «Shekhar», and one day, she watches «Mira», Nassr during her presence with her psychiatrist «Dr. Hamid », to think that she has a legitimate relationship with him.

As she seeks to stop her, to find herself suddenly involved in the killing of “Nasrat” in the woods, due to the scene she saw by chance from the train window, to begin working hard to restore her long memory and solve the mystery of the murder.

Indian version

This film represents the Indian version of the novel, and you feel for a moment that the director has sought to free him from the molds of “Bollywood”, but he does not stop returning to it, and this is evident through his investment of songs, whether in his opening that depicts a scene from Indian weddings, where Bollywood casts its shadow over her, or even in those scenes in which “Mira” begins to discover the details of what happened with her in the past.

And how her relationship with her ex-husband “Shekhar” deteriorated, and led her to alcoholism, and as soon as the director got rid of the weight of the shadows of Bollywood, he quickly moved the story to London, to discover later that we are in front of a good lawyer, who has a good practice in the law, who receives threats without understanding the reason for it. And as a result, she is targeted in a traffic accident, which leads to her losing her long memory.

The story of the film seems to be full of elements, because it is a “thrilling police” movie, so the way of narration is enough to show us that, but as a viewer, you do not need a long time to discover that the film in some of its scenes falls outside the “thrilling path”, and that it tends to be lengthening and “stretching.” Events », hoping to keep the scenes on one level of dramatic excitement.

While he is drowning in many of his scenes in a miserable monologue, which can be easily dispensed with, as it seems for a while that his presence in the film did not help him much, especially those scenes in which “Mira” appears suffering from depression, loneliness and fear.

good job

In fact, the film could have been transformed into a good work given that the story has all its elements, but in reality it sometimes turns into an emotional chaos, in which the dramatic lines overlap in a way similar to railroad crosses, to the point where they reach a point where they are unaware. The nature of the film’s orientations, and its characters.

Whether it is real or imaginary, and the nature of the relationships between them, although the director sought to clarify this through flashback scenes, which clarify some events and help to decipher the entangled mysteries in the film, and perhaps one of the reasons for the blurring we have as viewers of the film is that we follow The story through the eyes of “Mira” drunk.

Sometimes it is not possible to differentiate between what is realistic and what is imaginary. The film looks good in its appearance, but it is in fact heavy on the psyche, and may not correspond much with the expectations of fans of police films, who will find it deeply disappointing, hardly returning to walk the right track, until it returns to get out of it.

In this film, actress Barnetti Chopra was unable to pour some of her beauty on the events, as she did not invest her performance energy well, as she appeared in some scenes so dull and unconvincing that she seemed to not present herself as an actress and did not inhabit the character well, and instead she imitated a performance Some of her favorite Bollywood stars, as we see her, have ravished her talent in other scenes.



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