The funeral of “the nanny Wafa”, the mother of Mustafa Adib, in Tripoli


The city of El-Mina, the educator, Wafa Shafiq Al-Rafi’i, the mother of the Lebanese ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mustafa Adib. He prayed over her body after the noon prayer in the Othman Ibn Affan Mosque, where the worshipers were the mayor of the Mufti of Tripoli and the North, Sheikh Muhammad Tariq Imam, before her body was buried in the cemetery of Medina.Among the most prominent mourners are: General Director of Tripoli Port, Dr. Ahmed Tamer, Mayor of Tripoli, Riyad Yamak, President of Tripoli’s Finance, Wasim Marhaba, former Mayor of the Port Municipality, Muhammad Issa, and the staff of Tayyar al-Azm, the Association of Determination and Happiness, and the people of the city.

Ambassador Adeeb and his family members accepted condolences, taking into account the distance, and they also accepted condolences over the phone.

The family of the deceased had earlier apologized for holding the funeral ceremony due to the current health conditions.


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