The Free Patriot: Hariri goes beyond acceptable boundaries, and we hold him responsible for the crisis


The Political Council of the Free Patriotic Movement held its periodic meeting electronically headed by Representative Gebran Bassil and issued the following statement:

“The Political Council regrets the persistent recklessness on the part of the Prime Minister in charge of the fate of the people and the country, and holds him responsible for deepening the crisis, by deliberately refraining from any effort or consultation to form the government and rejecting any movement by those concerned and does not, in return, set dates to travel to the capitals of the world as if the government is formed in it. And not in Beirut.
Among the oddities of the newly fabricated obstacles is that he wants a prior commitment to granting confidence to those who refuse to consult or cooperate with them before the formation of the government and to know the details of its formation and program, otherwise he will not agree to its formation. In addition, what was issued by the President-designate in his last statement became a complete absence of the Christian component from The executive authority and the required confidence from the legislative authority, and this lapses from the government, not only its charter, but its entity.
This matter transcends all acceptable limits, and goes beyond the responsibility of not forming the government to striking the charter, overthrowing the constitution, and leaving the country without any safety valve.

The Political Council considers with concern the delay in implementing the contract for criminal scrutiny and demands the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank to inform the Lebanese about what matters have reached with Alvarez and Morsal, in order to ensure transparency and to ensure the truth is known. Is it true that the Central Bank has refrained to date from providing the Ministry of Finance with all the information so that the company can resume its work? And if this is the case, who is responsible for obstructing the audit and violating the contract signed between the Ministry of Finance and the auditing company based on a decision issued a year ago by the Council of Ministers and after the amendment of the banking secrecy law in the House of Representatives last December, which allowed all information to be provided?
In this context, the Council salutes the persistence of the President of the Republic in following up the audit file to uncover the causes of the financial collapse and pressure to restore the rights of depositors. It is surprising that some parties accuse the President of the Republic of violating the constitution if he meets with an employee of the state to inquire from him or to direct him, and this is at the core of his constitutional responsibilities.

The Political Council welcomes the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Iraq, and sees in it a message of peace to this dear country, which has been exhausted by conflicts and interventions and exhausted by wars. The Council hopes that the visit of the Supreme Pontiff will help the Iraqis find their way to stability and restore their role and position in the East and the world. Iraq and our East are home to great civilizations and a springboard for the Abrahamic religions, and they are a land of openness and diversity between races and cultures. We see in this visit an invitation to all the Levantines to preserve their diversity and to live together in love and brotherhood, rejecting all extremism and terrorism and incubating every difference, and it is an act of faith in the peculiarities of the Levantines and the need to preserve them within unity and tolerance.

Regarding respect for diversity, the Council categorically rejects the article published by Al-Alam TV, addressing the Maronite Patriarch, Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rai, with words that, in its style and content, constitute an assault on his position. He reminds that Bkerke was and still is a beacon for open thought and a declaration of convergence and was never the seat of isolation and retrenchment, and that this particular patriarch was always an advocate of radicalization in this East and solidarity with all its components in the face of the dangers and enemies that lay in wait for him, and he was never a pathway for plotting against any of the His family. ”


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