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Twitter boss Jack Dorsey put up for sale the first tweet he wrote on the network fifteen years ago, and the highest bids as of Sunday were two and a half million dollars, indicating the appetite for this new type of archive.
The founder of the network tweeted on March 21, 2006, “I created my account on Twitter.” On Friday, he put a link to the “Valuables” website, where those interested can submit their offers for purchase.
As of Sunday morning, the value of the highest offer was 2.5 million dollars, and was submitted by a user who identifies himself as “Estafy”.
The auction site said on the tweets that “the owner of the tweet is up to him to decide whether he wants to publish it on the Blockchain (database) to create a unique, authenticated copy.”
The purchase of a tweet is based on the acquisition of a “unique digital certificate, signed and authenticated by its owner,” according to the site’s question-and-answer page.
The same tweet will remain visible to everyone in the event that Jack Dorsey or Twitter keep it online.
Top Shot, launched by Dabur Labs in October in partnership with the NBA, allows buying and selling videos after encoding them in the form of digital currency in a format known as NFT, including Ensures authenticity of the digital product and the ability to trace its source through the blockchain database.
Since the beginning of the year, the company has generated more than two hundred million dollars in digital operations, according to a spokesperson for Dabur Labs.
Digital products published in “NFT” format have been achieving great interest among collectors for months, to the point that the house “Christie’s” auctioned at the end of February for the first time a digital work entirely sold thanks to this technology.

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