The founder of “Twitter” offers the first tweet for sale …


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Dorsey said his first tweet, “Just Founding the Twitter Platform” which he posted in 2006, was offered for sale as a unique digital signature on a site that sells rare tweets as “non-exchangeable tokens.”

Dorsey’s tweet, which he posted on his account in March 2006, received offers worth $ 88,888 within minutes of his tweet on the “Valables by Scent” website on Friday.

Old offers of the tweet indicate it went up for sale in December, but gained attention after Dorsey’s tweet on Saturday.

The non-exchangeable codes are digital files that act as a digital signature to verify the owners of photos, videos, and other material on the Internet.

Dorsey’s 15-year-old tweet is one of the most popular on the SMS platform and may appeal to digital souvenir aficionados.

The highest price for a tweet reached $ 2 million on Saturday evening.

The site “Valables” says that the buyer will obtain a digital certificate signed with the encryption system, which will include the metadata of the original tweet.

The Tweet will remain available on Twitter.


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