The founder of “Biontech” is optimistic that the Corona virus can be controlled in Europe by the end of the summer




Marko Djurica

The founder of the German company “Biontech”, a partner of the American company “Pfizer” that manufactured one of the vaccines against the Corona virus, expressed his optimism that the virus would be controlled in most European countries by the end of the summer.

The founder of the company, Ugur Shaheen (of Turkish origin), said in a statement to the German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”, that he is optimistic that the problems of stalling the distribution of the vaccine are temporary problems.

He added that it is possible to ensure that 70% of Germans will be vaccinated by the end of next September.

He said that it is likely that there will be no need for the closure in many European countries and the United States by the end of the summer, and that “there will be outbreaks, but they will not be effective. There will be mutations, but they will not scare us.”

Many in Germany are increasingly concerned about the Covid-19 restrictions, and about 20,000 people protested a general lockdown in the central city of Kassel, on Saturday.

European Union governments are facing criticism because of the slow start of vaccination campaigns, with the European Union lagging far behind countries such as Israel, Britain and the United States, due to supply problems.

Source: Reuters


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